Capoeira Classes in New York City.

Our classes are offered in Tribeca, New York, every Tuesday at 7:30 and Friday at 7:00. Our studio is located at Battery Dance Studio in Tribeca,  380 Broadway, 5th Floor.

Tribeca is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in New York City. Once a center of commerce thanks to its proximity to the ports in the Hudson river, is now a trendy residential area. Tribeca is also next to Manhattan’s Chinatown, where you can find martial arts classes in classic Wushu and Mixed Martial Arts. Our group belongs to the school of  Senzala.  Capoeira Senzala style is the root of the modern Capoeira movement and its influence can be seen in many other Capoeira groups.

Learn the style of Capoeira Senzala.

Our classes in Tribeca are designed for people of all ages that want to learn a martial arts as a personal defense system, but also become more agile and flexible. Capoeira trains many parts of the muscle is is optimal for muscle definition. Moreover, learning Capoeira Senzala will expose the students to an incredible cultural experience. Learn more about Capoeira group Senzala here

Our Classes are held in Tribeca, New York.

Battery Dance Studio at 380 Broadway, 5th Floor

Our Capoeira classes in Manhattan are the following days:

Tuesdays 7:30PM
Fridays 7PM

We also have Capoeira classes in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Studio Seven, Jackson Heights, Queens.

Saturdays, 10:30am to 12PM

80-03 Roosevelt Ave. Jackson Heights, Queens, 2nd floor.

Available for Private Lessons, Assemblies and Performances
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Capoeira classes in New York City Tribeca