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In a predominantly Hispanic neighbourhood, Jackson Heights, Queens has plenty of dance studios and other cultural organizations. As a Capoeira practitioner, I noticed that there was not Capoeira in Queens representing my group or any other Capoeira classes available in the area of Jackson Heights and began contemplating the idea of starting a free Capoeira class for the community. The goal of this idea did not only start my tenure as...

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The Reb Bull Paranauê is an international event sponsored taking place in Bahia. In 2018, the event took place on March 3 on the iconic “Farol da Barra” in the city of Salvador da Bahia. The event is open to all Capoeiristas in its judged in different categories. The contestants will be judged on their ability to play all the styles of capoeira, including Regional, Angola and Contemporary. This year, the championship will...

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